Ten New Practices Join the National Home-Based Primary Care Learning Network!

Published on February 18, 2021

The National Home-based Primary Care Learning Network is pleased to announce the selection of the newest wave of practices that will be joining other home-based primary care practices committed to continuous learning and quality improvement. The ten programs represent a range of practice types and the full geography of the United States–from Hawaii to Florida. Together, they will identify strategies and expand the evidence-base to best meet the complex needs of homebound older adults and those caring for them.

Bastion Health P.C.

Queens Medical Center Geriatric Service House Calls Program

Bloom Healthcare

Rita Laracuente MD PA

Eastern Kansas Healthcare System (EKHCS) Home Based Primary Care

Yale New Haven Health Northeast Medical Group Geriatric Home Based Primary Care

Bluegrass Home Primary Care

UW Health Home-Based Primary Care



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This work is part of large-scale initiative funded by The John A Hartford Foundation to improve care for the more than two million older adults and people with disabilities who are the “invisible homebound” with functional impairments and frailty.

“We congratulate and applaud the practices selected for this learning community, which will help assure that homebound older adults receive age-friendly care focused on what matters most to them,” said Scott Bane, JD, MPA, program officer at The John A Hartford Foundation. “These participants will share best practices, enhance equity, and showcase the benefits of home-based care that have become even more important during the pandemic.”