The Learning Network

Infographic showing National Home-Based Primary Care Learning Network info and stats

The National Home-Based Primary Care Learning Network is a participatory learning experience aiming to improve the care provided to homebound patients while promoting a culture of better care and continuous learning in home based medical care practices.

Learning Network participants are part of a vanguard movement to create a community of quality in home-based medical care.

Do you want to improve the care you provide in your home-based primary care (HBPC) practice?

Do you want to promote a culture of better care and continuous learning in HBPC?

Do you want to be part of a vanguard movement to create a community of quality and raise the field of HBPC?

If so, we invite you to apply to join The National Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC) Learning Network, an experiential quality improvement intensive learning collaborative. In this round of the Learning Network, we will add up to 15 HBPC practices from across the country to join the 81 Learning Network practices in this community.

The Learning Network

  • Provides transformational strategies and coaching support to help home-based primary care (HBPC) practices implement quality improvement principles and demonstrate high-value care.
  • Helps practices and clinicians connect and build a community in a practice-based learning network so they can together ask and answer important questions that work toward the goal of improving the care they provide and raise the field of home-based primary care.
  • Provides complimentary access to and facilitate the use of a quality improvement learning platform, which employs quality indicators appropriate for home-based primary care patients and allows practices to benchmark their performance.

The baseline Learning Network experience lasts for 8 months and will start with a virtual meeting in June 2024 and conclude with a virtual meeting in February 2025. Practices selected for the Learning Network will be given the opportunity to continue in the Network after the 8-month preliminary training and learning experience.

Before the Learning Network half-day kick-off meeting on June 26, 2024, practices will be asked to conduct guided self-assessments of their current practice and identify opportunities for improvement. After the kick-off training session, practices will work between monthly learning sessions (workshops) to meet their aims.

After the kick-off sessions, the Learning Network will facilitate a series of monthly virtual interactive workshops and provide technical assistance, and access to quality improvement tools. During these workshops, practices will work together to pose and collectively answer important health care questions related to the field of home-based primary care and apply their findings to their work in the Learning Network.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Access to experts in HBPC & quality and process improvement principles
  • Interaction with a national community of committed HBPC providers and practices
  • Complimentary access to and technical support of a quality improvement learning platform
  • Exchange of tools and best practices among Learning Network members
  • Participant growth in continuous quality improvement learning skills
  • Contribution of data to advance the field of HBPC
  • Visibility as innovators in the field of HBPC
  • Opportunity to participate in research

Kosta Deligiannidis, MD, Northwell Health: “The Learning Network helped us embed quality improvement processes into our day-to-day practice. It helped our team and our patients.”

YungAh Lee, MD, Yale New Haven Health: You must join the learning network. It is one of the best things our practice ever did. You cannot succeed if you are isolated – join the movement and we are stronger together.”

Paul Rondestvedt, MD, Prospero Health: “The Learning Network helped our teams identify shared goals and helped us keep our eye on our mission.”


  • Presence of an engaged home-based primary care team, including: Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant “Champion”, and a Practice Administrative Leader / Manager
  • Support from Practice Leadership: Application requires a Letter of Support from Leadership confirming leadership support for practice participation and sharing of quality improvement data (if practice is part of a health system, letter from health system leadership; if practice is free-standing, letter from member of executive leadership of the practice)
  • Commitment of the practice to continuous learning

Practice Commitments:

  • Designation of one clinician to serve as Learning Network Project Champion who will assure practice engagement in continuous quality improvement
  • Presence of the Project Champion and Practice Administrative Leader/Manager at the ½ day virtual kickoff and 2-hour conclusory meeting and at a minimum of 80% of monthly 1-hour Learning Network Workshop meetings
  • Commitment to quality improvement activities for a minimum of 8-months (with an option for continued involvement) including quality measure data collection and reporting on a monthly basis for one calendar year and data entry into the Learning Network quality improvement data platform on a monthly basis
  • Active participation in monthly Learning Network quality improvement activities, videoconference Workshops, and virtual meetings
  • Collaborative spirit and full participation in Learning Network evaluation activities

The National Home-Based Primary Care Learning Network, led by Drs. Christine Ritchie and Bruce Leff, and in partnership with the American Academy of Home Care Medicine, the Home Centered Care Institute, and the Duke-Margolis Health Policy Center, is funded by The John A. Hartford Foundation and The Centene Foundation for Quality Healthcare.

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